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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I had the pleasure to FINALLY experience Karen’s services at my signature ‘Still I Rise’ retreat in San Diego. It was a REFRESHING experience to begin our day with a SUNRISE workout by the water. Karen is relatable, she is a testament via her appearance alone of what SELF LOVE and the pursuit of SELF RESTORATION looks like!

    It was an EXPERIENCE of FULL BODY & MIND ENGAGEMENT! A divinely welcomed experience.


    Veronica Simon
  • I worked with Karen at our community fitness club for a long time and she is amazing! First, she truly loves and cares about her clients. Karen continuously walks around during the sessions and works right next to the client demonstrating proper form, correcting and providing alternate versions of an exercise. She realizes not everyone is at the same level and having modifications is very important. I also had the pleasure of experiencing one of her meditation sessions and it was “just want I needed”. She helped me focus on the positive and taught me to “let go”. Her enthusiasm, energy and spirit are so comforting! I recommend giving Karen a try…she won’t disappoint!


    Cindy Spillar
  • I wanted a professional to guide me on a fitness path and was open to a variety of recommended approaches. Absolutely my expectations were met! Karen is a fitness professional with a foundation of credibility built on your own journey to success… she is knowledgeable, caring


    Mark Brubaker
  • Not only do you get a great and motivating workout with Karen, but her encouragement also makes you want to do your best. She’s aware of good form and posture and always makes it a point to have someone to one time with each student. Her heart and smile shine.


    Patti Woodhull
  • Karen is not only a great coach. She is a deeply connected person and has become a friend. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change from the inside out – which makes it joyful.


    Cassandra Davies
  • Absolutely amazing & LIFE CHANGING! Karen Nurse is heaven-sent no doubt. Thanks Karen!



    Kesha Austin
  • A well-spent 6-week investment for myself. I’m still unpacking all the reflection and knowledge nuggets I picked up along the way. Karen allowed herself to be a vessel used to help guide me to peel back layers of emotional baggage that were hindering my growth. I wanted to grow and I wanted more connection with my husband and friends, and I was unsure how to move forward. I found myself stuck and frustrated on an ongoing basis. Working with Karen allowed me to reflect, and pray and cry and find joy again. Thank You, Karen, for your patience and Love! Thank you for your obedience.


    Angela Ching