“Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”

If you’re like me, you know what it feels like to put yourself on a strict diet, lose weight only to gain it all back plus more! Why? Because there’s something deeper within us that we’re battling, something that is keeping us bound that we have yet to deal with or overcome! So we use methods of numbing like emotional eating and isolation to shut up the lies we’re believing and the negative self talk we fill our heads with like “you’ll never overcome your constant battle with food!”

Our minds produce about 50-70k thoughts a day. Whether we realize it or not, these thoughts have an effect on our bodies, health and emotions. What we’re thinking can either keep us inspired and uplifted or feeling hopeless and bound.  Well Today Is The Day You Can Put an End to the Battle of the Chatter!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Karen is not only a great coach. She is a deeply connected person and has become a friend. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change from the inside out – which makes it joyful.”


    Cassandra Davies
  • “Absolutely amazing & LIFE CHANGING! Karen Nurse is heaven sent no doubt. Thanks Karen!”



    Kesha Austin
  • A well spent 6 week investment for myself. I’m still unpacking all the reflection and knowledge nuggets I picked up along way. Karen allowed herself to be vessel used to help guide me to peel back layers of emotional baggage that was hindering my growth. I wanted to grow and I wanted more connection with my husband and friends, and I was unsure how to move forward. I found myself stuck and frustrated on an ongoing basis. Working with Karen allowed me to reflect, and pray and cry and find joy again. Thank You Karen for your patience and Love! Thank you for your obedience.


    Angela Ching